Discover one of the most beautiful places on Earth by yourself: Ukraine. This land combines the breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, the unique spots of the Crimean Black Sea coast, numerous architectural and historical landmarks, charming cities, and the warm-hearted hospitality of the Ukrainian people.

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Whenever you come to the Crimean peninsula it cannot but amaze you again and again. Without any exaggeration one can say that the Crimean Black Sea coast boasts some of the most beautiful views on the planet. Such an incredible combination of sand and pebble beaches, luxuriant verdure, scenic mountain slopes and mild climate can be found nowhere else in the world.

The Carpathian Mountains are the westernmost point in Ukraine. This unique area has preserved its ancient traditions and culture. Travelers cannot help enjoying the picturesque mountainous scenery as well as the local feasts, customs and food. The numerous mineral springs can be found in the Carpathian region, thus making it the number one destination for treatment and recreation. In the winter the Carpathian Mountains become the Mecca for winter sports.

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Geographical Position and Borders

Ukraine is located in the very heart of Europe (with Europe‛s geographical centre near the town of Rakhiv, Trans-Carpathian Oblast). Ukraine‛s territory stretches from the Trans-Carpathians to the boundless steppes of the Don valley and from Polissya to the Black Sea coast. Its neighbour-states include Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Belarus.


Area, Population, Language

The territory of Ukraine covers 233.1 thousand square miles and is 4,040 miles along the borderline (including 652 miles across the sea). It is 818 miles in its widest from east to west and 555 miles from north to south. The country‛s total population is 48.4 million people, including 67% of urban and 33% of rural residents. Ukrainian nationals belong to 126 ethnic groups. 80% are Ukrainians; principal minorities include Russians, Belorussians, Romanians, Greeks, Tatars, Jews, Germans, and Bulgarians. Ukrainian is the official language.


Ukrainian National Coat-of-Arms and Colours

Ukrainian national coat-of-arms is a golden trident against the blue background; the national colours are blue and yellow.


Government Form, Administrative Division, Capital

Ukraine‛s form of government is a parliamentary-presidential republic. The country‛s administrative units include the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 24 Oblasts (provinces), and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol having a special legal status. Ukraine‛s major cities include Kyiv (2.6 million people), Kharkiv (1.6 million), Dnipropetrovsk (1.1 million), Odesa (1.1 million), and Lviv (802 thousand). Kyiv is the capital city.



Ukraine‛s climate is moderately continental, warm, and in the south of Crimea subtropical. Mean temperature in January is minus 5C, and in July plus 20C. 95 percent of Ukrainian territory lies within the East-European eminence, and the remaining 5% are covered with the medium-tall Ukrainian Carpathians and Crimean Mountains. 71% of soil is fertile, including 29.5 million acres of black soil. Ukraine features 5% of the global mineral reserves, including coal, iron and manganese ores, uranium, plumbago, and rock-salt.